Winners are like pilots - they leave nothing to chance.

The Sales value chain is riddled with opportunities to fail.

There are risks at all levels.

So how can we increase our win-rate?

MySalesApp from Sales-Ai is a ‘Sales Knowledge Network’ that takes an innovative approach to driving sales decision making, risk management, collaboration, opportunity pursuit, and total sales performance.


Am I asking the right questions? Am I missing any selling opportunities with my prospect?
What are my relevant references and resources? I’m tired of wasting precious selling time researching internal information or re-inventing the wheel.

Sales Managers

I need to know what deals are most at risk, and to understand why. I need to know where to focus my limited time, and how to ramp up my new hires a lot faster


I need accurate information far more quickly – to manage risk, focus resources, and enable professional strategic planning.


We have some great stories and collateral, but we need to help the sales team know what to use and when. We need to be able to run more campaigns with truly effective focus.

People Development

It takes too long to bring new sales people up to speed. We lose huge value when we fail to capture the knowledge and experience of our people. We need to be able to quickly and easily share this latent value with all.


When we implement new programs, either in-house developed or third party, it’s a constant challenge to make them stick so we get a return on our investment.